Air Fryer Cola Wings

Air Fryer Cola Wings


The Lowdown: 

Picture this: Crispy air fried wings coated in a sweet and savory cola-infused sauce, with a hint of spice from those chili flakes 💥 The sugar from the cola gives a nice caramel effect while the soda’s acid levels ****acts as a fantastic meat tenderiser ✌️



(Serves two to three)


1kg chicken wings

½ can coke classic

1 tbsp oyster sauce

2 tbsp light soy sauce

1 tbsp chinese cooking wine

2 tbsp dark caramel soy sauce

Marinate for minimally 1 hour, overnight would be ideal.




  1. Pour cola over wings
  2. Prepare marinate by mixing oyster sauce, light soy sauce, chinese cooking wine, dark caramel soy sauce

  3. Add to wings and allow it to marinate over time
  4. Air fry at 190°C for 8 mins on one side then flip and air fry for another 7 mins. Enjoy!

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