Easy Pork & Prawn Meatballs/Wonton Filling

Easy Pork & Prawn Meatballs/Wonton Filling



The Lowdown:

These meatballs are pure goodness - just 2 main ingredients: pork and prawns (none of that extra fillers/garnish thank you very much). It’s so versatile too - have it naked as a meatball, or wrap it up with a wonton skin if you’d prefer it as a dumpling. Either way, they’d be a great addition to your family hotpot dinners. And then there’s more - you could have your wontons with chilli oil and vinegar, air fry them, or even pan fry it the pork & prawn mixture to make a meat patty. The options are endless really! Oh, and did we mention how easy it is to make? You’ve definitely gotta try this one!

Note: Hand chop your prawns if you’re feeling up for it - the ability to control the chunky texture from hand chopping gives your meatballs/dumplings a nice bite! On lazier days, switch it up for store-bought prawn paste you can find in the freezer section. As for the pork, opt for a fattier cut so you don’t end up with a dry meatball. We love picking up a slab of wu hua rou (shoulder part) and asking the butcher to grind it once. The fat keeps the meat juicy and the chunky texture makes each bite that much more satisfying!


(Makes about 20 meatballs/30 wontons)


10 tiger prawns, peeled

500g minced pork (wu hua rou/shoulder part)

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp chinese cooking wine (hua tiao jiu/luo mi jiu)

2 tbsp light soy sauce

1 tbsp oyster sauce

A dash of white pepper

Wonton/dumpling skin (to wrap and make into wontons)


  1. Roughly chop the prawns so that it’s chunky. This will give your meatballs/dumplings a more robust flavour & texture!
  2. Mix the chopped prawns into the minced pork until just combined (We’ll be doing more mixing after the seasoning is added).
  3. Add the sesame oil, chinese cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and pepper and mix vigorously till it forms a velvety paste.
  4. Gently shape the mixture into balls with a spoon and your hand to make meatballs or wrap with a wonton wrapper to make wontons.
  5. Freeze them for later or boil in soup and enjoy immediately. (P.s. The meatballs also taste really great pan fried!)

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