Salmon and Tofu in Silky Egg Gravy

Salmon and Tofu in Silky Egg Gravy

The Lowdown: 

Home food is the best food, am I right? 😌 This 15-minute tofu & salmon in a silky egg gravy is so easy and comforting - especially with some steamed rice. We cheated with some store-bought seasoned chicken broth for that yumminess in no time at all✌🏻 And the delicious oils from pan fried salmon add another layer of flavor to this dish. It keeps well too so you could always make it ahead of time and then heat it up when you’re ready to eat. Definitely a weeknight dinner winner!



(Serves two to three)

1 box of pressed tofu, cubed

1 salmon fillet, cubed

1 tbsp abalone sauce

1 cup chicken broth

½ cup water

1 tbsp cornflour + 1 tbsp water


  1. Cut salmon fillet into cubes.
  2. Sauté them in some olive oil till the sides are slightly charred.
  3. Add seasoned chicken broth in.
  4. Add water, abalone sauce and mix.
  5. Beat 2 eggs and whisk.
  6. Add them into the wok and stir immediately to allow eggs to blend into sauce.
  7. Add pressed, cubed tofu in.
  8. Once done, mix 1 tbsp cornflour + 1 tbsp water and add it in.
  9. Stir immediately to prevent cornstarch from clumping up.
  10. Continue cooking for 1 minute to allow sauce to thicken.
  11. Finish off by adding sesame oil and white pepper. Enjoy!

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