Scallion Pork Mee Tai Mak

Scallion Pork Mee Tai Mak



The Lowdown:

Another easy one pot dinner to save to your collection - Scallion pork mee tai mak, ready in just 20 minutes!

This is the kind of everyday comfort food we love here at Good Maison.

Bonus: Minced pork means lesser defrosting time and no marination required. A tasty dinner done and dusted in 20 minutes! Trust us, one bowl simply won't be enough!



1 pack of mee tai mak (425g), washed and drained

250g minced pork (best to ask the butcher to mince a fattier cut of meat - e.g. wu hua rou/shoulder)

1 chinese scallion, sliced diagonally

3 cloves garlic, roughly chopped


1 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsp light soy sauce

2 tbsp dark soy sauce

1 tbsp abalone sauce

1 tsp sugar

2 tbsp water


  1. Mix together the sauce ingredients in a separate bowl and set aside.
  2. Heat up some olive oil in your pan.
  3. Sauté the sliced scallions in the pan till they start to wilt.
  4. Add in chopped garlic and continue to sauté till fragrant but before it turns golden brown.
  5. Add in the minced pork and use a spatula to break up the meat so that the meat has even contact area with the pan.
  6. Give time for your meat to sear and for the fat to be rendered out to make your dish more flavourful.
  7. Add in the washed mee tai mak and pour over the sauce mixture from before.
  8. Stir fry until mee tai mak noodles are soft and the sauce is clinging onto the noodles.
  9. Enjoy!

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