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Long Chopsticks

Long Chopsticks

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Every modern cook needs a pair of Long Chopsticks in their kitchen.

Sometimes you just wanna cook a simple pot of noodle soup for yourself and don't wanna reach for your tongs. We get it. Our cooking chopsticks are great in so many ways: a simple ramen, deep frying and everyone's favourite hotpot.

We've done our fair share of cooking to know that 33cm is the perfect length - long enough to keep you safe from the heat, yet still short enough to control with ease.

And these wouldn't be fit for a modern kitchen if they didn't look great too. Unlike regular bamboo chopsticks, these are handcrafted from smooth Beech Wood (that doesn't splinter) and finished in a beautiful semi-matte glaze. Natural wood also means these are kind to pots and pans with non-stick coating - gorgeous and functional on any modern home cook's countertop.

No two pieces of natural wood are identical — Expect slight variations in grain, shade and individual markings.


- Handcrafted from Beech wood.

- Finished with a clear semi-matte glaze for a smooth finish.

- Safe for use on all cookware surfaces including non-stick cookware.

- Environmentally friendly.

- 33 cm long.

Materials + Care

Materials: Food-safe Beech wood.

Care: Hand-wash and condition with food-grade mineral oil or beeswax to keep in tip-top shape. Towel drying is recommended. Not safe for dishwasher and microwave. Best to avoid leaving for long in stubborn-staining foods (like tomato based sauces and turmeric).

Customer Reviews

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c c
Quality long chopsticks

Really great quality wood. You can feel the difference straight out of the box. Enhances my cooking experience :) I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Alison Ong
Great purchase!

I've been looking for a good quality long chopstick used for cooking for the longest time, and this pair worked very well for me. Love it!