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The Wood Three

The Wood Three

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The three wooden kitchen tools for just about any task in the kitchen.

Light and easy to use, these natural wood tools are kind to pots and pans with non-stick coating. They wouldn't be fit for a modern kitchen if they didn't look great too. These are handcrafted from smooth Beech Wood (no splinters) and finished in a beautiful semi-matte glaze. Placed together, they look gorgeous and functional on any modern home cook's countertop. 

Each with its own area of expertise:

Solid Beech Wood Angled Spatula
Its sturdy wooden body is perfect for stir frys with chunkier ingredients, and its tapered edge makes pan frying eggs or flipping fillets of meat a breeze.

Long Chopsticks

Our cooking chopsticks are great in so many ways: a simple ramen, deep frying and everyone's favourite hotpot. Long enough to keep you safe from the heat, yet still short enough to control with ease.

Long Spoon

While most traditional wooden spoons are either too chunky or too flat, ours is sized just right for sautéing effortlessly in smaller pots and pans, with a head that is deep enough to scoop and taste. (We especially love that we can seamlessly go from dishing condiments & sauces into our pan, to stirring - all without switching utensils).

Made in the same length as Long Chopsticks for a comfortable user-experience.

No two pieces of natural wood are identical — Expect slight variations in grain, shade and individual markings.


- Uniquely contoured to fit even small pots and pans.

- Beautifully handcrafted from wood. 

- Finished with a clear semi-matte glaze for a smooth finish.

- Safe for use on all cookware surfaces including non-stick cookware.

- Angled head spatula's tapered edge for scraping & flipping for right handers.

- Environmentally friendly.

- 32cm (l) x 5.5cm (w) (Angled Spatula)

- 33 cm (l) x 5 cm (w) (Long Spoon)

- 33 cm long (Long Chopsticks) 

Materials + Care

Materials: The Angled Spatula, Long Chopsticks and Long Spoon are handcrafted from Food-safe Beech hardwood.

Care: Hand-wash and leave to dry. Towel drying is recommended. Condition with food-grade mineral oil or beeswax to keep in tip-top shape. Not safe for dishwasher and microwave.  Best to avoid leaving for long in stubborn-staining foods (like tomato based sauces and turmeric).

Customer Reviews

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All three were very useful for cooking

I didnt expect to use them as often as i did!

5 Stars

Solid Beech Wood Angled Spatula

I love it!

I’ve been looking for such product but difficult to find one with ergonomic design and curve. Smooth and quality finished. I love it!

5 Stars

The Wood Three

The Wood Three

5 Stars